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Datadot Technology (UK) Limited
Theft reduction experience after introduction of DataDot marking:

The National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council (a government funded body) has been carrying out a continuing monitoring process on vehicles equipped with our microdots and selected BMW, Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) and Subaru as the brands to monitor.

The control group are unmarked cars and the red line represents marked cars.

The statistic they have measured is Stolen and Un-recovered.

The graphs below show results but in summary:

  • BMW show a reduction of 64% in rates of theft
  • HSV show a reduction of 75% in rates of theft
  • Subaru show a reduction of 95% in rates of theft

These figures are unprecedented by any previous anti theft system.




South Africa
In South Africa Datadot is in use by Avis and Imperial Rental Car Companies and by Clarendon Transport Underwriters.
Avis and Imperial were facing problems both of theft of complete vehicles but also had trouble with hirers exchanging good parts from the hire car with worn out items from their own cars.

Clarendon had huge problems with the taxis they insured. They estimated that for every one car they collected the premium on there were up to 9 clones with the same identity.

The South African government does not publish automobile theft figures but Pat O’Brien has publicly stated that they have experienced a 52.4% reduction in the theft of their vehicles.

Clarendon have also reported a theft reduction figure of over 50% and importantly over 80% of the vehicles that have been stolen have been recovered. They also now know that they are really only insuring one car for one premium.

In the USA Datadot is applied to both cars and motorcycles in the aftermarket but unfortunately no official statistics are yet available on theft reduction although anecdotal comments suggest that marked vehicles are at least 50% less likely to be stolen.

In the USA we have also worked with Nissan Motor North America on a severe problem they had with headlamp theft from their Maxima model range.

This model range is now fitted with high power Xenon headlamps and these have proved popular with thieves who steal them for retro fitting to older Maxima models.

As these lamps have a retail value of over $2000 this presented both Nissan and their customers with a major issue.

In response Nissan asked us to make a retro fit dot set for their dealers to install on the headlamps and since undertaking this “recall” campaign they have seen thefts reduce by 65%.

Toyota / Lexus have also experienced the same problem and based on the experience of Nissan have decided to introduce a similar campaign and this will commence in August 2005.

United Kingdom
In the UK all Mitsubishi EVO and Grandis model cars are marked and initial figures indicate around 80% reduction in theft rates.
In the aftermarket official figures are not yet available but indications are that theft reduction figures of better than 70% are being experienced.

Outside of the auto business Datadot (under the Mighty Dot brand name) is also being used by some Police forces for marking property in social housing schemes and reports show theft reduction figures of over 50%.

Europe ~ General
In Scandinavia we are marking boats and outboard engines and although there are no official figures yet our own data shows theft reduction rates of over 80% compared to unmarked craft.

In the auto business it is to soon to have any official figures but our experience in the Australia, UK and elsewhere in the world suggest that minimum theft reduction rates of over 60% should be achieved with significantly better results on premium brand models.